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KidStreet PlayCenter is closed.  

Since March of 2020 we have all been full of questions about so many things and have been doing our best to accept “we don’t know”. Trinity and KidStreet PlayCenter has been dealing with the same unknowns which has been difficult for all of us. Over the past months we have continued to recieve some inquiries about parties and regular play and we have responded with we don’t know. After much prayer, discussion, and reframing we have come to the hard decision that, at least for now, KidStreet PlayCenter will remain CLOSED. While it is hard to close this chapter, we are excited for the news opportunities ahead. We will continue to share out our outreach events hosted by Trinity which included:

  • Fall Fest (End of October)

  • Finding Christmas (December)

  • Journey to Easter (Early Spring)

You can find information about these family friendly events on Trinity's main website as we get closer to their dates. We hope to see you at any and all of these community events.

We do really appreciate all of the support and patronage you have all displayed over the last 12 years and we are excited to see what else God has instore for our ministry at Trinity.

Our plans are to go through our database and reemburse all passes that had 2 months or more still available as of April of 2020. If you would like to gift your pass amount to continue the ministry you can let us know that as well. 

Blessings to your family and thank you again for all of the memories and friendship shared at KidStreet PlayCenter!

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