KidStreet PlayCenter is a great way to engage your children, while enjoying coffee with friends! You won't believe our 3 story PlayHouse for 2 thru Kindergarten and our WonderHouse for ages 2 and under. 

KidStreet PlayCenter Mission


  • Provide a friendly, safe, and clean place to have fun & make memories together.

  • Share God's love through community.

  • Teach families how to play and grow together.

  • Expand cross-generational culture.

  • Help families be more like Jesus.

KidStreet PlayCenter Values

  • We believe each child and person is a gift from God

  • We are blessed to impact the developing faith of each child and their parent or guardian

  • We strive to be a Light in our community by presenting the Gospel in Word and Action

About Trinity

KidStreet PlayCenter is an Outreach ministry of Trinity Green Trails. Everyday, we act to look, live and love more like Jesus by being a hands-on part of our community. We are here for you in good times and tough times. Please let us know how we can be praying for you and your family. For more info on Trinity Green Trails please visit the website or find us on Facebook.

About Grounds for Hope Cafe

Grounds for Hope Cafe is available during open hours to share coffee with a friend or grab a quick bite of lunch for you and the kids. If you prefer snacks from home, please dine at the cafe tables to keep the play areas clean. For more info on Grounds for Hope, visit the website or find us on Facebook.


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KC Barnack


Awesome place.... The rooms are huge and organized by age group so that kids can get social interaction with their own age groups, but kids can go to any room, too, so that's nice. We stayed in the Wonder Room for the youngest kiddos, and everything was so clean, convenient, and perfectly age and developmentally.


May 2018 

Jiali Wang


Nice place for kids six months and above, lots of toys, safe and lovely environment. Cafe has nice coffee, we all loved it.

February 2017

Elizabeth Moore 


I would have been in a place like this all the time when my children were small. Play area is safe and CLEAN. Cafe is beautiful, modern and easily accessible. Free wifi and delicious food made from scratch. Met a friend here and got some work done. Will definitely be back!

June 2018