Respect each other.

Respect the equipment and property of other guests.

Help the Café area to be a Quiet Zone for those working & meeting.

Follow the guidance of staff and volunteers.


Check in at front desk. Wear nametag stickers- we would like to get to know you and your family. They can also help us assist your child if you get separated.

Stay with the children you bring.


Please refrain from:

· running and rough play

· yelling and excessive screaming

· climbing UP slides or on furniture

· bringing toys into the PlayHouse structure


When you arrive to play, please register at our Front Desk. Our registration form can also be completed prior to your arrival to speed up the process and let your little one play quicker. Then just tell us your last name when you arrive to complete the process.

Registration and Waiver graphic.png

We’re glad you’re here!​


These KidStreet basics make your play experience

the BEST it can be-

 We can all work together to make



"Amazing place for kids and adults to connect. We will be back ASAP! Getting a membership. My boys are both so happy and we’ve been here for 2 hours already!"

Jessica Lyn Marchluk  
January 3 2019 


Mornings are busier as families arrive to take advantage of our weekday 10:30am activity. Poor weather days are busiest of all. Whether it rains, is too hot, or too cold, we have the perfect place for your child to run off that energy. School holidays are another busy time. And, with no school, the average age of the kids participating goes up.


The PlayHouse structure and the WonderHouse room are shoes free zones. Anytime shoes are off, socks are required. By following this rule you are supporting our high standard of cleanliness.

**Socks are available to borrow or to purchase for $1/pair



We love Helpers - Please pick up and put away toys when you are finished with them.

Food, drinks, candy, or gum are NOT allowed in PlayHouse structure.


There are several bathrooms in the PlayCenter and another set in the cafe. There is even a child size toilet in the TreasureHouse bathroom! Clothing is required over diapers. Please use the changing tables for diaper changing. Take bathroom breaks. We know accidents happen. Please let us know so we can clean quickly and appropriately.


Kids need energy to keep them going. Caregivers do too! We have a full service cafe offering the best coffees and teas, bakery, breakfast & lunch items, and snacks. Order ahead at while the kids still play. We will call out your name when its ready. Usually just about 5 minutes. Bringing food or snacks from home? To keep our place clean, please use our cafe seating area and refrain from consuming anything in our play spaces. Covered drinks and water bottles are acceptable. We know spills happen. Please let our staff know so we can clean it up quickly.